Day 3 was the first day of helping with the construction of the new missions house. We started the day full of energy and excitement. We ended the work day still excited about our progress, but with not as much energy. The team truly got immersed in construction activities, from grinding welds, to smoothing floors, to mixing cement and pouring footings, and digging trenches. We are tired and sore but felt great about the work accomplished on the missions house.

But the highlight of the day was the evening dinner and activities. At the current missions house where we are staying, we had several guests join us for dinner, including District
Superintendent Pablo Mora and his wife, Pastor Oliva and his wife and son, and the full time workers on the site. The DS cooked chicken on the grill.
After dinner we had a full evening of music led primarily by the DS and pastor. The musical instruments included guitars, a harmonica and a hand saw. Pastor Oliva and his son played several songs on guitars. Superintendent Mora played songs on the guitar and a hand saw. Fred accompanied him with his harmonica for a couple of songs. It was a great evening full of fun and fellowship.