There is a group of 3 that went to Honduras with the first team and will return home with the second team. Their role was based upon a request from Pastor Daniel that he would like the teachers at the Juan Wesley School to learn enough English to be able to teach their students. Anne, with degrees in teaching and ESL, led the charge in lesson plans, teaching, and preparation. Dan and Anita jumped in and helped her where needed. They have had an amazing two weeks getting to know the teachers and practicing Spanish all while teaching English.


Today, the construction team will join the others in Ciudad and practice more English, have an awards ceremony and celebration luncheon before they head off to the coffee fields to see where the Honduran coffee that is sold in The Spring at Resurrection is grown. For each pound of Honduran coffee purchased, $4 is donated for school materials and supplies. Stop by The Spring Café to pick up some fresh roasted Honduran coffee and bless the school!