Jamaica Jan 2015 – Final Thoughts

We awoke early to watch the sun rise and hear the morning chatter of birds and roosters on our last day at the Cloisters. After tearful goodbyes to Barbara, Norma, and Donald, Patel took us to the airport. Our flight to Baltimore was delayed, giving us little time to clear customs, go through TSA and then get to the gate for the Kansas City flight. However, Providence smiled upon us and we were able to make the connections. View from cloisters Last night we discussed mission trips; their organization, who should go, building partnerships, etc. A number in the group felt mission trips should be open to all, including more children. We also discussed the problem of expanding participation in mission work when there are many who cannot align their schedules to the training dates. The value of the mission trip to a group member is obvious: to see God’s work in so many new and different places, to forge friendships with people we might never have met. But the value to the community must come by creating partnerships built on the love of Christ, faith in the ability to complete the vision and respect for all people involved. Let us be the instrument of God’s will to build and grow, working side by side with others In terms of the mission group, none of us (save for the two married couples) knew each other before the first training in October. We began the trip as polite strangers and departed Jamaica as brothers and sisters in Christ. I was truly amazed at the wonderful gifts that each member possessed, the passion and commitment each member has for mission work. I was in an injured state and could not have survived this week without their steadfast support and help. A mission trip is one of the most inspiring activities one can do in one’s life. -Jill

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