jan 3 jan 4 jan 5Today we learned so much about the love of God, family and teamwork by spending the day with the ZOE Outreach Program Leader Mercy Nyirongo. She took us to several of the villages which included Tamandani, Tyanjane, Mayanko, Tadala, Longese, Unisome and Au Modisi and Mulango Apatasa to personally see how many of the the orphaned and vulnerable children are able to overcome adversity and difficulties of their lives with the helping hand of the ZOE group. We witnessed how the ZOE project is empowering these children to have a bright future by learning various trades and skills.

One inspiring story was of a young man from the village of Mayanko who lost his parents and had to take care of his siblings. Through the ZOE project a home was built for him and his family, learning a trade and received a small plot of land to work to help feed his family. You could see the pride in his eyes as he has the help he needed but is also learning to be self-sufficient as he learns survival skills for life. We could see the ZOE project at work in the lives of so many of the children and are delighted that they have a chance at a bright and glorious future. One notable part of our journey today was the fun we had with the children of the village. They always had a song in their hearts and enjoyed dancing for us at each village we visited. We in turn were able to teach them something fun, the chicken dance! What a day!

We let them know that our church is praying for them and and keeping them lifted up before God. They were delighted to see us in support of the ZOE program and were very proud to show us their accomplishments. We are very excited to see what God is going to do tomorrow!

One of our team members is headed to the conference office to work in the finance office there! Travel mercies for Shana we will reconnect with her on Friday. The team had a wonderful evening of fellowship and fun with Pastor Peter and Prisca–what a blessing to be in their home and be able to spend this time getting to know them!