2015 March Team – Day 1‏

Jen & TayBonjour from Petit Goave, Haiti! Today we began our journey at 5:00 a.m. We flew to Atlanta, where we had a short layover before flying into Port Au Prince, Haiti. Our team, which includes Elisa, Jennifer, Julia, Judy, Dave, Talia, Dan, Shellby, and Taylor, had smooth travels. 

Upon arriving, we were greeted by the the very strong Haitian sun and heat. Our team took a few moments to enjoy the outdoors before heading inside the airport to go through customs and claim our baggage. Despite the heat inside, our team kept a lighthearted attitude and shared some laughs as we took in the sights and sounds of Haiti. 

We made our way to baggage claim where we all enjoyed watching little Elisa fight off the men trying to help with luggage. Once we made it out of the airport we had even more to take in. The traffic was nothing like what you see in the United States. We had a fairly long ride to where we were staying, so we had plenty of time to take in all that was happening on the side of the road, and get a small glimpse into the culture and daily lives of the Haitian people. 

At the guesthouse we had a short meeting to reflect on the days activities. After, we had an amazing meal of fried pork, salad, a mix of vegetables, rice, and blood potato! Once we had eaten we met again to plan the next days activities and meet Wes, who would be guiding us the rest of the trip. 

Our first day in Haiti was amazing, full of new sights, sounds and tastes. We have an early morning tomorrow and we are looking forward to all the excitement this week will bring! 


For GOD so loved the world,

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