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Greetings from Haiti! Today we woke up and went to the work site. There was a variety of jobs that we needed to get done, but the biggest one was sifting rocks out of the sand. To make the time pass quickly Talia, Taylor, and Shellby sang a variety of songs for everyone to enjoy, including Party in the USA, Sweet Carolime, and Amazing Grace. 

We headed back for lunch where we enjoyed some fellowship and delicious food! Once we finished lunch we headed back out to the work site! Talia, Taylor and Shellby befriended a young boy and taught him a few games. 

Once we returned to the house we cleaned up and ate. After dinner Jennifer, Elisa, Shellby, Talia and Taylor got the chance to drive around and see Petit Goave at night with a local pastor. Everything is going great here in Haiti! 

For GOD so loved the world,