blog construct2Hello! Today we woke up and headed to the worksite. We moved rock so the construction guys could make more cement. We were working hard until the children came out for recess. Naturally we went to play with them. Some of the boys were excited to see we brought the soccer balls again and the girls were excited to teach us a few new games. We spent the rest of the morning playing with them before we went back for lunch. 

Once lunch was over we were ready to move more cement! God truly blessed us by putting clouds over out heads for the majority of the afternoon. Once the work we were done we celebrated with the construction workers. To thank them for all their hard work we brought some sodas and snacks to share. We were very fortunate to work with them all week! 

We finished the night by playing spoons with the Dorcely's daughters. We all had a great time and were happy to celebrate an amazing week of fellowship! 

For GOD so loved the world,