Today is our last day in Haiti, we started our day with a great breakfast and finished up our last minute packing before heading out to the National Museum of Haiti.  At the museum we were immersed into the historical timeline of the Haitian Culture.  Many salvaged artifacts were on display and included guns, swords, crown, coins etc.  We even had the opportunity to touch the anchor from the Santa Maria and learned that a diameter was cut out of it measuring that of a quarter which was given to Charles Lindbergh as a gift.  Much art from local artists were prominently displayed and showcased throughout the last wing of the museum.  Afterwards we headed back to the Guest House to load up the vehicle for our 30 minute ride to the airport.  Everyone agreed that we had a fabulous time getting to know our Haitian friends, each other and as a result have grown closer to GOD through our opportunity to remain disconnected from our daily distractions of phones, internet and television.  We all agreed that a trip back to Haiti together would be a fabulous way to return to see our friends.  Thanks to our family and friends for providing us with support throughout our journey.  A special thanks to our new friends from Asbury and Legacy church for partnering with us on our trip, we truly appreciated each of your contributions.

 May GOD’s work be revealed through you,