2015 March Team – Day 3

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Bonswa from Petit Goave, Haiti. Today we woke up and went to church! They asked us to sing which surprisingly went very well. The majority of the service was in Creole but we still enjoyed listening to the choir sing and watching all the church members had while worshipping! 

After church we went back to the Dorcely's and cut trash bags to make jump ropes on Tuesday with the kids at Brakeman school. We had over 1,000 bags to cut, but were able to get them cut pretty quickly because we were all anxious to go explore Petit Goave for our cultural day. 

Once all the bags were done we loaded up the range rover and drove to see the eye clinic. No one was currently working out of it, but we were able to see where they helped patients when there were volunteers there. After we wanted to find a beach. We drove 20 minutes away to a beach that we were not able to visit. None of us minded however because we got a beautiful drive through Haiti! When we got back to Petit Goave we visited a beach where we found a lot of cool shells and rocks. 

Back at the Dorcely's we enjoyed a delicious dinner and taught their daughters how to make trash bag jump ropes! Once they were made we spent a long time jumping before bed! We are having an awesome time here and can't wait to get started working at the school tomorrow! 

For GOD so loved the world,

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