Today was a big day for all of us! It started with an early wake up call and another traditional American breakfast that we appreciated more and more. Half of our group walked down to St. Ann’s Bay Methodist Church to help facilitate the youth feeding program, of which Resurrection sponsors one day each week. Along with Kais & Veda, the group served 31 children from St. Ann’s Primary School who would otherwise have not had the opportunity to eat a meal that morning. The entire team then met at school for day 2 of teaching lessons and interacting with the children of St. Ann’s Bay Primary. During the transition from morning to afternoon shift, we presented each 6th grade student at St. Ann’s Primary a care package and letter that had been written by youth at Resurrection to help motivate and encourage them on their upcoming GSAT exams.

Over lunch we walked further into the town of St. Ann’s Bay to find a place to eat. We gorged on “Spicy Nice” beef, chicken & cheese patties, and then some ice cream from a local market. Next, we returned to school for the remainder of the afternoon shift. The afternoon was filled with more excitement and chaos than even the previous day, but we felt a greater connection with the students helping them in their studies. Our supplies and gifts had all been distributed. As we said our final good-byes to the kids, we realized we had possibly an even larger task still remaining that day: haul all of our empty luggage back up the hill – 6 large suitcases and duffel bags! That didn’t stop the boys from still wanting to play football and soccer up on the field by the Cloisters after returning. Even a few local children stopped by to share in a game of “World Cup” after dinner that night!

By:  Tyler