An early morning wake-up call, got us started for another day at the Manse. When we arrived at the Manse half of our team started in on demolishing concrete in order to lay the new groundwork for a garage. The other half was hard at work on the inside of the manse scraping and painting two additional rooms upstairs. The team inside finished painting all three of the manse’s front rooms, and even mopped up all three rooms. A scrumptious lunch of chicken, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and vegetables re-energized us for the afternoon.

As the team inside completed their tasks, the outside team began shoveling sand and gravel for mixing the concrete that would be needed to lay the new garage floor. Both teams came together to make an effective assembly line to assist in transporting the concrete mix to its final placement. With our jobs completed early, Patel picked us up to for a quick stop by the beach on our way home. The beach was refreshing, and everyone enjoyed getting the chance to stick their feet in the ocean – even if just for a few minutes. The warm water of the ocean was fabulous!  Dinner was another great alternative of chicken wings, rice, and vegetables. Things settled down quickly after that –  not sure anyone will have trouble sleeping tonight after such a hard day of work.