Jan 2015 Team, Day 7

Today was our last day in Honduras.  The highlight of the day was our trip to Cuidad Espana.  We visited the Methodist Church which also serves as a school for elementary through high school age children during the week.  The Church of the Resurrection has helped to build this church over the past few years.

After touring the facility and meeting Pastor Daniel, we met with the teachers and some students in a classroom.  For the past two weeks, Anita, Dan and Anne have been helping to teach English to the teachers and students.  We sang the hymn “How Great Thou Art” to each other’s group.  They sang it to us in English, and then we sang it to them in Spanish.  Then we all sang it together in Spanish.

school practice english

Afterward, Anita, Ann and Dan awarded certificates of accomplishment to the teachers and parents.  Then came the tear jerker when the teachers stood up one by one to thank them for their service and love.  The construction team were just bystanders, but yet we too got choked up by the experience.

Tonight in our nightly devotional we discussed how the people that we encountered this week may be poor in material things, but they are truly rich in love, joy, and faith.  We all felt that we can learn much from the Hondurans and that we were incredibly blessed by the experience this week.  Our physical bodies may be tired and sore, but our spiritual bodies have been strengthened more than we were anticipating.

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