Sunday, May 24, 2015

The team was able to sleep in this morning (6 a.m. is better than 3 a.m.!). After a restful night at Heart to Heart in Petionville, we had another wonderful meal, packed our things and headed to Petit Goave, or “T-Goave”, as the Haitians say. The few hours of driving was another great opportunity to observe. There are people jumping in and out of the “tap-taps”, or taxis, walking, riding motor bikes and selling produce along the streets. They are always on the move which makes us wonder where they are going and what they are doing. But apparently, since it’s Sunday, it is a “slow day”. We’re excited to see what a “busy day” in Haitian culture is like.


Image: Haitian Tap-Tap

Haitian “Tap-Tap”











We attended church and heard our hosts, Pastor and Madame Dorcley, speak. Our team leader, Rudy, gave a short speech introducing our team to the church. One thing that could not go unnoticed was the cheer from the congregation after Rudy expressed our gratitude for the opportunity to worship with our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.

After church, a little rest, and a great lunch, we spent some time at a swimming beach in Petit Goave. You could see the initial surprise on the faces of the Haitian beach-goers when we first arrived. Ryan led the way into the water and began throwing a ball back and forth with a few children. Others in the group soon followed. Verbal communication was not required because the smiles and laughter said enough.

The rest of the evening included a short Creole lesson from Samuel for some team members, showers (much needed), more great food, discussing what famous person everyone most looks like, Alison getting her hair caught in a fan (everything ended up okay) and team devotion time, in which we discussed prayer.