Monday, May 25

Today was the team’s first day at the Brakeman school. We moved gravel to prepare for the concrete mixing that we’ll do later this week. Some team members prepared rebar or cut wire, and we all sweated profusely. We thought we were tired at that point; but we hadn’t experienced recess at the Brakeman school.

The bell rang and there were immediate games of tag, foot races, soccer with plastic bottles and plenty of laughter. Some team members got a show from the older Brakeman school students. They sang their national anthem and played “drums” on their desks. Their interest in, and enthusiasm for getting to know us was undeniable, and contagious. With the help of our translator, Jean Claude, and a few Brakeman students who spoke impressive English, we got to know a few Haitian teenagers. Turns out, their just like American teenagers. In the afternoon, Kevin initiated a game of tossing stones into a bucket with the Haitian construction crew. We played Haitians versus “Blancs” (non-Haitians)…we lost. By a lot.

After returning to the Dorcley’s for the day, we spent time together at the dinner table over food conversation, prepping the crafts  for the activities we prepared for the the Brakeman students, and card games.