This morning we arrived at the Juan Wesley School in Ciudad Espana.  As it was midmorning, children were finishing their lunches and playing at recess. The echoes of joy and laughter of dozens of students brought smiles to our faces because the vibrant school atmosphere is in sharp contrast to the sparse surroundings of this economically depressed area. We were greeted with many “Buenos dias” and “holas” along with a few “Hello” and “Good Morning!”

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The school in Cuidad Espana is being driven by the vision of Pastor Daniel Trujillo. He is a pastor and a psychologist and identifies the needs of this community. By creating a sustainable education system the community can improve themselves by developing a skilled labor force. Below you can see Pastor Daniel and our trip leaders Travis and Sandy:


After meeting with Pastor Daniel, we did a quick tour of the work sites. At the top of the hill a structure is being built to house 6 new high school classrooms. Expanding the high school is crucial to the mission of getting young Hondurans into university or trade schools. Another key component to educating the students is by providing them access to technology and the internet. Currently there is one small room with 38 small workstations. Throughout the day, each grade has an opportunity to use the computers for internet, wordprocessing and even computer programming. This computer lab was set up by previous Resurrection teams and is in fairly good shape but needs upkeep and expansion. Along with the school, Pastor Daniel is building a Clinic and pharmacy for the people of the village. Construction is close to complete, but walls are bare and cement is still drying in some areas.

Our team went right to work, tossing cinder blocks, leveling terrain, troubleshooting computer issues. The work is strenuous but rewarding. I must confess that we became so wrapped up in the work and the socializing that we do not have a good photo of the process. So instead, here is a picture of high school girls acting like other high school girls around the world.


We will return tomorrow to continue this blessed experience. Please pray for the safety of the work-site and the health of our team. Pray the weather keeps us comfortable in our labor. And pray that our hearts are open to the people of this beautiful country.

Together in Service,  Joel