Honduras July 2015 Team 4, Day 7

I apologize for the short entry today. Long hours at the site and low energy levels tonight.

Today was our last full day of construction, tomorrow we work half day and then we join the local community to dedicate the school. The momentum of yesterday continued through the morning and we finished the floor of the second room. Moving on to the third room, we discovered a very uneven floor and we had to shut down the mixer and focus on the new challenge.

While some of the team pick-axed and tamped the floor, the rest of the team painted the new clinic and pharmacy.


Another team completed the electrical work today on the second computer lab. Next week the students will be able to use both rooms and more students will have resources to learn on the computers.


After a short lunch, the mixer started rolling again and we were back in business… until we ran out of gasoline.


Unfortunately, gas is not readily available nearby. The local provider had run out today, so we would have to drive 30 minutes to pick up more gas, then 30 minutes to return. This was a sobering reality about how life is different in under-resourced areas of the world.

After doing any additional prep-work that we could, we went back to the mission house to prepare for dinner and dining guests. Joining us tonight was Pastor Daniel and his family, the Honduran District Superintendent Pastor Pablo, and a University student who shares the mission house living quarters. It was a night of great food and song. The local group entertained us with a few Spanish songs and we shared a couple of American praise songs. Also, Pastor Pablo Taught us how to play the hand saw.


Hard work, full stomachs and peaceful reflection makes one quite tired. I could tell you more, but must go.

Please pray that we will find the strength and the time to complete our projects today. And gasoline, please pray for gasoline!

Together in service, Joel
Team Member Spotlight

Tim  joins our team as a veteran missionary who served in Africa recently. He was encouraged to join the team by our team leader Travis Morgan who knows Tim through their work together in the church Partner program. Tim’s highlight for the week was about how we make a difference by changing the lives of children. “There is no school like this school; the art, the computers, and the spiritual education are all aspects that will transform this town into a vibrant and spiritual community.

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