Honduras July 2015 Team 4, Day 8

To be very direct today, we did it! After an early start, our team worked like clockwork and we completed the last of the cement in under 2 hours. The weather was cool, the pace was steady, and everyone had a renewed sense of duty. Below you can see the final troweling of the floor.


I’m reminded what Paul told the Romans in Romans 12:4, “For as in one body we have many members, and not all the members have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another.” Our team worked as a complete unit without conflict and with absolute respect. Our diverse group in age, stature, and gender became the perfect illustration of how we can all play a part to accomplish colossal tasks.

Being ahead of schedule but still ready to work, we visited the clinic we painted this week. They were moving from the older, smaller room into the freshly built structure. Again, the team pitched in and we moved a couple desks, shelves, and bags of equipment to the new location. Shuffling around the tight quarters it occurred to me the previous space was overly congested. The reception, pharmacy, and examination room were all in an area the size of a large living room. Now there is an entire building available to the people of Ciudad.

While finishing up, we heard some powerful music coming from the sanctuary. When we went inside, Pastor Daniel’s two boys were practicing drums and guitar. Our youngest team member, Luke, is a musician, so he joined in on piano. After a couple of minutes all three were belting out Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. Even Journey would have been impressed.

The new classroom dedication was scheduled after lunch. The newly built space was covered with a tarp and chairs were assembled. It was a small worship service with song and scripture, highlighted with a message presented by our team leader Travis Morgan. The message was a delightful and moving interpretation of Luke 2:52; the time in Jesus’s life after preaching in the temple as a child and before his core ministry.


After the service, the members of the community thanked us graciously, and hugged us while we said our goodbyes.


As we left the community, each one of us felt a small loss when we remembered each local who had touched our lives. From Pastor Daniel, to the cement workers, to the countless school children, each person is now a brother or sister in Christ.

To celebrate the good work, we visited the Christ Statue and the Basilica, two religious sites in Tegucigalpa. At the Christ statue, you can see the cradle of Teguc below Jesus’s out stretched palms; a blessing to the people in the capital city of Honduras. The Basilica is a stunning architectural structure bound to the catholic church. Catholicism is the core religion of Honduras and the Basilica celebrates its tie to Pope John Paul II. Below is our group gathered below the Christ statue in front of the Christ Statue:


After the site-seeing, dinner, packing, and then late night devotion, there is no urgency to wake early tomorrow morning as we will have a short devotional, leave for church around 9:30, then to the airport and home. The week is quickly coming to the end.

Please pray for our safe travels as we reenter the United States. Pray that our time in Ciudad helps the town become a sustainable and vibrant community.

Together in Service, Joel
Team Member Spotlight

Janet is the spouse of Neal from an earlier spotlight. They are approaching a 40 year anniversary, although Neal commented they had to make it through the week first. Janet is an eager worker this week, filling and carrying large buckets of rocks. Her highlight for today was the sermon and singing at the celebration. “It was a blessed moment. We were all together for a common purpose. I hope to keep the connections with everyone here and at home.”

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