South Africa October 2015 Team, Day 4

This morning, we visited a site on the edge of Ditshego that is undeveloped.  The school and Westview Methodist are trying to raise funds to purchase and develop the land.  Currently, the land has two homes and several outbuildings.  This site would be utilized for additional schooling for the children as well as offices for counseling.

At Ditshego, we had a full day.  Synda as well as other team members worked on completing the mural of the sunflowers.  The mural is bright and a fun addition to the school.  Isabel and the staff were thrilled with the look and completion and will be a nice enhancement to the facility for years to come.  Bob took individual pictures of each student and teacher as well as group photos.

We toured Mooiplaas with Isabel and several of the teachers who live at Mooiplaas.  It was quite remarkable to tour the grounds, look at the living conditions and get a feel for how the people live.  Water is provided by the government in large water tanks.  Locals then come with containers and fill them with water for their cooking and washing.

There are small merchants selling fresh fruit and vegetables.  Other businesses include hairstylists, cell phone charging, day care and some food stands.

The students sang some songs and Barbara thanked the students, teachers and support staff for allowing us to be a part of their lives for a few days.  We all prayed the “Not Prayer” and then reflected as to how it impacted each and every one of us.  After spending the day with the students and walking the town we were dusty, sweaty, tired and blessed.

2015 Barbara comforting a child

Our next stop was to a safe house sponsored by the Westview Church were nine children who were removed from their parents’ home because of abuse or neglect.  The parents have relinquished all rights and the children are now raised in this house until they are considered adults at the age of 18.  We played and visited with the children who ranged in age from four to 13.  The children were bright, fun and appeared to think of the others as brothers and sisters.  Jan and Tateana visited with a couple of girls and were impressed with their speaking ability and level of intelligence.

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