Haiti Nov 2015 Team Day 1

The November Haiti team is ready to go! We’re looking forward to meeting our Haitian partners and interacting with families while working on various projects throughout the week. 

Our team has some veteran members who have provided great context and support, as well as eager first-timers. After reviewing the state of Haiti this week amidst presidential election news and updates, we’re thrilled that we are cleared to go on this journey and serve God together. We will be keeping the population of Haiti in our prayers as we travel and during our visit. Let the incredible journey begin. 

The November Haiti team has made it safely to the Methodist Guest House!  We took an exciting ride through the city at night.  Saturday night in Petionville is lively, with people at night clubs, hanging out with family and friends, and enjoying great smelling food.  Stop signs are optional, particularly for a larger van!

We were warmly welcomed at the house, with dinner promptly served, even at 8:30pm.  Dinner was soupe joumou (pumpkin soup) along with fried accra.  Then Brulan (the man in charge here) gave us a quick overview of the dos and don’ts.

We are all settling in for a well deserved night’s sleep!  Goodnight to all our friends and family!


HA151107 Team Photo

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