November 2015 Haiti Trip – Day 2 (Sunday)

imageSunday: Day Two in Haiti

The team had a great second day settling in and spending time with each other and our new friends in Haiti. Following our first Haitian breakfast, we walked across the compound and attended a beautiful church service. Though we couldn’t understand the words to the songs and some of the scriptures (and were a bit warm without air conditioning and only the occasional breeze), we discussed how moved we were by the experience: the songs were sung with such heart and love, the open-air sanctuary with stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings was incredible, and the welcoming nature of the church members was truly a gift. Following the service we greeted members of the church with handshakes and hugs, including several adorable and well-behaved children. It was a wonderful way to begin the week in worship and prepare ourselves for purposefully and thoughtfully serving throughout our stay.

We explored the compound in the afternoon, gathering information about what we’ll do throughout the week. Those who have been to Haiti before were excited to see and visit with some old friends from previous trips. Tomorrow, we know that we will spend time with the school children; we may also do some painting and carpentry. The area was empty and calm today, with lush green trees and lots of shaded area, but it will be buzzing tomorrow with all of the students here for a new week of school. Our team is remaining flexible, open-minded and willing to do whatever is needed of us during our stay. We ended the evening with a familiar dish – spaghetti – and also celebrated the birthday of one of our team members, Lori!

We are so grateful to our welcome hosts who are kind, helpful, and great cooks. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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