November 2015 Haiti Trip – Day 3 (Monday)

The team is still at the Methodist Guest House in Petionville. So, we were very excited to get out and see the town. We took a ride to the big Americanized grocery store to buy some uniquely Haitian items (despite the jars of Jiffy we saw!). What we also saw was an unexpected friend: Olaf from Frozen! On top of the roof across the way, along with a house completely decorated for Christmas.

On our way to and from the store, we saw many things: markets of people selling fruits, vegetables, and meats; children sandwiched between their parents on a motorcycle; pigs eating the garbage; and in general lots of people on very busy streets.

We took a quick side trip to Heart to Heart. Wes gave us a tour of their beautiful house and the art he and others have collected.

In the afternoon we split into two teams. One team painted a wall near the dining area. The other team did an amazing job of repurposing 4 pallets into a beautiful bookcase.



Dinner was a feast as there were 2 large groups that joined us: squash casserole, fried breadfruits, chicken legs, rice and beans, and chocolate cake with coconut.

We are now headed to bed to rest before being with the children tomorrow (school was cancelled today). Looking forward to lots of fun and service as we teach the children to make toothpaste.

Love to all!

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