November 2015 Haiti Team – Day 4 (Wednesday)

After breakfast Wednesday morning, we eagerly started out for Petit Goave. We split into two groups. Men in one truck; women in another. We drove up the mountain towards the top of Port-au-Prince. There were several shanty towns, all black due to the charcoal. The ride involved several stomach rolling twists and turns, so we were glad when we got to the bottom and were treated with a beautiful view of the sea.

After about two and a half hours, we made our way up to the top of a mountain. From there we had a fabulous view of Petit Goave and surrounding areas. Down the mountain and we were finally at the Dorcely house. For those of us who had been here before it was nice to see old friends.

Quick lunch, then out to the 2 of the COR CHE (Community Health Evangelism) communities. First stop was Fond Doux which has a garden started with seeds given by COR. We bought three papayas from the trees there. They also grow bananas, eggplants and tomatoes.

The second community was Source Pineault (“Soos Peeno”). The road to get there was harrowing, but the views were spectacular. There is a large lake near the village and we were afforded some amazing landscapes. Once there, we saw people in the community working on the road to make it easier to travel. Then we presented how to brush your teeth as well as how to make toothpaste. While the adults listened, the rest of us played with the children. Soccer, frisbee, and juggling were just a few of the games that we played.

In the late afternoon we came back to a delicious meal of braised goat with plantains, rice and beans.

The day was a day of many highs and lows, both literally and figuratively. We are all grateful for the experiences we have had today.

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