November 2015 Haiti Team – Day 6 (Thursday)

Today marked our only full day in Petit Goave. We began with another delicious breakfast at the Dorcelay guest house, then hit the road for Barette, a town within Petit Goave (or “Tigwav” as the locals call is). But first, we went to the local CHE office, where the bookcase we built earlier this week will be used. It’s exciting to see another part of this country – as with Port au Prince, Petit Goave is lush, green and definitely warmer than a Kansas City November.

We went to Barette with some of the local CHE leaders, and together we did a variety of activities. We started by gathering for introductions and prayer, then had some time to interact with everyone, so kids took a break from schoolwork to play games, jump rope and take some photos with our team. The kids love to take photos, and we love to see their beautiful smiles. During this time, adults worked on grinding up multiple kinds of leaves, to be used for soap. The leaves smelled so fresh – perfect for soap!

We then gathered the adults and some of the teens to learn the toothpaste making method with baking soda and water and discuss teeth brushing methods. Everyone was very attentive, taking notes and asking questions. CHE led the group in making soap, using the crushed leaves, lye, perfume and a few other materials. The soap will set for 30 days then be ready for use.

The afternoon rushed by, and we ended the way we started: gathered in prayer, feeling grateful for the time spent together.

After leaving Barette, we had a nice time exploring parts of Petit Goave. We went to the local Methodist church, which was as beautiful as the church where we worshipped on Sunday- it had high ceilings, long wooden pews, and intricate tiled floors. We also saw the medical clinic, which is part of the church. Behind the buildings was the most beautiful view of the Haitian bay – crystal clear water, bright blue skies and tall mountains and hills in the distance. It was breathtaking. The final stop was a bookstore, where we bought Haitian hymnals that we’ll give to the boys in the Port au Prince boys home where we were earlier this week.

We’re grateful for yet another day where we have been touched by the kind, welcoming people of Haiti.

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