Jan 2016 team

Eleven stalwart volunteers arrived at the airport at 3:45 AM, in the midst of a sudden snowstorm that covered the highways and parking lots north of Johnson County. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor luggage weighing over 50 pounds, would dissuade these committed men and women in their blueprint to serve the staff, students, and community of the school in Cuidad España. Just look at the faces of the “crew,” gathered in front of the windows . . . . and notice the snow outside. With temperatures in Honduras expected to be 80° during the day, and 60° at night, the cold and snow would be distant memories in a matter of a few hours!
Team leaders, Dan and Anne, were calm, and in charge, directing the rest of us to “assume ownership” of two bags each, to be checked. The bags were stuffed with computers for the new lab, school supplies, books, and snacks, and various materials for teaching English as a second language to the teachers who were eager to learn and share their new skills with students. Travis and Bill both ventured out in the wee hours and inclement weather to lift us up in prayer, and to encourage and inspire us to transform and be transformed by this trip.
The first leg of the trip, Kansas City to Atlanta, was easy and uneventful. Our flight from Atlanta to Tegucigalpa, Honduras was equally without incident; only about three hours till we’d land in Honduras.


We arrived at Toncontin Airport in Honduras and claimed all the luggage. Our driver Sebastian, and several other men, worked relentlessly to tie all the bags securely in the back of the truck. Just look at that luggage mountain!

jan luggage
We all piled into the “mission van” and headed directly to the Mission House, downtown (centro) de Tegucigalpa. It had already been more than a 12 hour day, and for most of us, we arrived feeling sleep-and-food deprived. Thank goodness for Katarina and her delicious chicken salad, and fresh pineapple. It was scrumptious and we polished off a big lunch in record time.

jan 2016 picachopicacho
We had just enough daylight left to visit the Cristo de Picacho, a towering concrete statue of Jesus Christ, 65 feet high on a 40 foot base. At 4300 feet above sea level, the iconic statue can be reached by driving up a winding mountain road, to a lovely park, with scenic overviews of the city below.
The group straggled back to the Mission House and enjoyed a much needed one-hour rest. Following nap-time, we indulged in another delectable meal, some evening devotionals, and planning for tomorrow – our first day at the school. Everyone is excited, anxious to get started working with our partners in this adventure.