Our trip has been all about building relationships, and we learned early in the week that Honduras has a culture of strong relationships. While we labor every day, we all pray that our talents and strengths will lift up at least one person we encounter. Teaching songs, verbs, or conversational phrases; painting, heavy lifting, or construction – these are merely tasks – but God’s challenge for us every day is to be in fellowship with our partners here. We each have experiences to share with you about how WE have been transformed, and how we may have touched a life and sparked a transformation in someone else. Here are some highlights:

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Small group practice fosters confidence, and builds a bond between leaders and participants in the English Learners class.
Planning for the next day, with the image of Jesus guiding our mission.

Students shared details about their families while learning to conjugate the verb “to be.” The team had the opportunity to connect with our Honduran friends and get “up close and personal” with this activity.

We kept our sense of humor, and our priorities. . . . . . . .
But seriously – how many volunteers does it take to change a light bulb?

Please continue to pray for us! Your prayers lift US up, each and every day. We know God is hearing your voices, our voices, and the voices of our Honduran brothers and sisters. What beautiful harmony!