Today we drove to Petit-Guave. We worked almost three hours sifting sand from a gravel pile.  It will be used for finishing touches on the Methodist private school in Brakeman. We hope to use the sift to level the dirt floor and then lay beautiful tiles.


We then walked 30 minutes through town back to Pastor Dorsley’s home. Maude made us a wonderful dinner that tasted as good as any meal we have ever had!

After dinner Renee led us through our devotional.  Jesus told the Pharisees that it is perfectly fine to eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners.  Jesus is pushing us to rethink who we see as neighbours.  In Haiti we are reminded of this and feel blessed to have the opportunity to help in any way they need.

In our discussion we spoke of Haitians strong faith even in extreme adversity. The front of every “cab” (called a tap tap) says in bright colourful letters “Merci Jesus”, or Thanks Jesus.  They remind us what it means to be truly thankful.

After our Devo we prepared crafts and gifts for our time with students at Brakeman on Tuesday.  Tomorrow we look forward to church and fellowship.