The day started with a delicious American breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and papaya cooked by Rev. and June Harrison (tomorrow they had promised a special Jamaican breakfast). After breakfast we had a nice stroll around the grounds, checking out June’s impressive garden, and “Egypt”, which is what they call Rev. Harrison’s farm on the side of a steep hill. Sheldon, our driver, picked us up and got us to Wesley-Brown’s Town Methodist Church for the nine o’clock service, led by Rev. Elton Watson. The joyful 2&1/2 hour service flew by. It included an inspiring sermon titled “Be a Blessing”.  Music, laughter, and great enthusiasm from the audience.

1flowers 1manse

We came back to the Manse for another fabulous lunch that filled us right up, after which we rested and prepared for tomorrow’s “Bless the Schools” activities, supporting the students with their literacy requirements. At four, greeted by Sheldon once more, we rode with Rev. and June back to the church to another music filled, awe inspiring service. Today was Harvest Festival, so both services had something to do with the spirit of thanksgiving, with the kids fundraising for the church’s roof using 12 local fruits and vegetables. At the day’s end, we had a final planning session for tomorrow’s tutoring activities, grabbed a light supper, and devotions. We miss everyone already, but we are having an absolute blast here, and can’t wait to see what the next few days to offer!