Today was our first day working on the “Bless the Schools” project. We arrived at Eccleston Primary School bright and early, and led the devotion for some sixty children to start the day. We attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new teacher’s meeting center, which was partially funded by the Church of the Resurrection.0.t1

Mrs. Wisdom and Rev. Harrison expressed great appreciation for our support, and the children demonstrated their thanks with a song. We spent the remainder of the day on the literacy program, tutoring small groups of elementary school children from various grades. They were very excited about learning and enjoyed all the educational games and exercises that we came with.


We ended the day teaching them a song, and in return, they taught us a song with dance moves! Sheldon drove us back home, and we proceeded to prepare hundreds of donated books and supplies for delivery to the children of Eccleston and Retirement schools. It’s been a tiring day but a fulfilling one! We look forward to going back tomorrow!0.t2