Haiti March 2016 Team, Day 4

Today was very special. We began at the worksite at the Brakeman school in Petit Goave. The objective today is to lay tile in one of the classrooms. We learned the purpose of all that sifting we did on Saturday. First, you carry the larger rock and gravel and put a layer of about 3 inches in the ground (probably 500 buckets of gravel). Then the sand we sifted is mixed with cement and water (also carried from about 100 yards away) and taken to the skilled laborers who lay the tile. Clearly we are the unskilled part of this effort!  But we have fun with the young men laying the tile.


Haitians have to be resourceful and creative every day. We witnessed this with a large tree which had fallen in the schoolyard. In order to make it into useful wood planks they hoist it 10 feet off the ground.  The pulley and rack system they built is amazing.

After dinner Pastor Dorcely shared his passion and his vision for Haiti. He believes strongly in education and in providing a positive environment for the Haitian children to learn. His faith in God is a strong driver in his hard work on behalf of the many churches and schools he leads. It was inspiring.

Later in the evening we played cards with the Dorcely family and had a wonderful evening!

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