Our first stop today was Retirement elementary school, where we joined the groups of students in their daily devotional. We brought roughly 300 books to be added to the school’s collection, along with supplies for the kids. All of the Jamaican six graders participate in mandato4Retirementry placement testing at the end of this week, and this a really big deal for them, it decides where they go to high school.  We were happy to add our heart-felt blessing and a word of prayer to Rev. Harrison’s special message to the students. We also presented gift bags filled with candies and words of encouragement for the children, to our delight, the children ate the candies within a couple minutes.


After Retirement, we moved on to Eccleston once more, and upon presenting the donated books to them, we also presented to the principal a projector from Resurrection as a gift, which clearly will be put to good use, we could tell by the principal’s excitement. As the day went on, we continued according to our regular schedule of student tutoring.  We bond4also ed further with the kids and things went even better today now that we are more experienced. In addition to our mission work, our team loves working together, and feels so blessed by the love and generosity which the students and teachers shared with us. A delicious lunch each day has been provided so graciously by Eccleston, an unexpected blessing which we appreciate so much.4kids

On the side note, a special thanks to Jennifer and Sheldon, for treating us to “Ting”, a refreshing Jamaican soda. It has been yet another wonderful day at the schools, while we are ever so delighted with the students and teachers, we can’t help but to feel a bit saddened when we are reminded of the fact that tomorrow will be our last day there; but we’ll be sure to make the best out of it, save the best till last right?