Today started the same way as any other, but we knew it would be quite sentimental, for it was our last day at Eccleston Primary.  We arrived at the school greeted with hellos &  hugs.  Our Resurrection team led the school’s daily devotional with a lesson about the power of prayer.  Tutoring activities began as usual, mar2016.2but deep down we knew that this was our last time teaching these kids. Our team continues to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and because of this, we are more effective tutors. Clearly this trip is making a huge impact on our lives. We are so blessed to be here. mar2016.1

Midday, we were treated to a concert full of enthusiasm!  We were truly touched by the sincerity in the children’s voices. We were surprised when the teachers thanked and presented each of us with a gift bag. As the school day neared an end, saying goodbye was especially hard because the kids kept offering us hugs. Over the last few days we formed a bond with the wonderful children and teachers, and while we are saddened, our hearts were warmed, and we felt God’s presence.Mar2016