Blessed with a bit later start, we began our today together in prayer for the 6th graders of Jamaica for their exams. We then took a short ride down the hill to York Castle High School in Browns Town where we met Principal Treasure. The high school is situated on a steep hill with a panoramic view of football (soccer)/cricket fields and surrounding farmland. York Castle is a Methodist school. We learned that the school colors are yellow and brown which we came to appreciate very soon. Our project for the day was to work on the school’s large chicken coop/processing facility which has recently been totally rebuilt with funding from COR. Our job was to paint the building inside and out with, you guessed it, beautiful sunny yellow and dark brown. Fortunately for us, the local crew provided helpful guidance throughout the day, and in the process formed friendships with these wonderful workers. The process was a bit arduous given, but every sweating moment was filled with joy, laughter, and paint. When completed, students in Agricultural class will raise, slaughter and process chickens and then sell them back to the school. Their facility will have the capacity to process 500 birds. After we have completed, we prayed with the local team and fist-bumped goodbyes before hiking our paint covered, dirty, sweaty bodies back up the hill to the manse. It was a hard day of work, but we are glad in it, for nothing is more fulfilling than a day of working for the benefit of the students.Jamaica March 2016 1 Jamaica March 2016 2 Jamaica March 2016 3 Jamaica March 2016 4 Jamaica March 2016 5 Jamaica March 2016 6