IMG_0182 IMG_0181Our first day of doing the work we came here to do! We all slept soundly in our new home away from home at the Methodist guest house here in Petit Goave thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Mode Dorcely and her family.

We ate a tasty breakfast of eggs, toast, mango, pineapple and fresh-squeezed  juice from the local cherry trees.

Arrived at Brakeman school greeted by adorable kindergartners in their yellow and grey school uniforms with bright green smocks happily waving at us as we entered the gates – what a welcoming sight!

As we made our way to the back of the school, those of us who had been here before were so encouraged by the progress that has been made. Students and teachers were engaged in learning in three of the four new class rooms. The fourth room is where our work began, supporting a tile- laying project. And it was HARD WORK!

We spent a very hot day shoveling and sifting gravel and sand that became the foundation and grout for the tile. We also carried water buckets and tile to the site to keep the project running smoothly.

We had some welcome breaks when the children from the school came running up to us enthusiastically, wanting to hug us, hold our hands and play with us. They are such lovely children and made us feel so welcome and loved.

Our day ended with a traditional Haitian meal of goat, rice with bean sauce, vegetables and local sweet potatoes that are white not orange – amazing!

After devotions, we spent time preparing a craft project we plan to do with two of the classrooms of school children on Wednesday.  We went to bed early to prepare for another day on the worksite.

Connectivity is very poor and the team has not been able to get pictures sent through, we hope to update the posts with pictures if the connectivity improves.