Today was the second day of working at the school. We all slept very well from yesterday’s work. After a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, melon, and peanut butter banana toast, we were energized for the morning. Mode drove us to the job site and after unloading we began shoveling, sifting, and collecting buckets of water or rock. The first classroom was almost completed when we first arrived, and we began removing benches from the second classroom for more tiling to be done. After an hour or two the children came outside for recess. We brought one of Shayla’s orange soccer balls to play soccer with the children. The older boys collected the ball and juggled together and with Shayla. After recess was over we began shoveling, sifting, and collecting buckets of rocks and water again. Around noon, Mode came back to the school to take us home for lunch.

When we walked into the house we breathed in a savory scent of homemade French fries. After resting a while, the lunch bell rang and we gathered around the food for prayer. We thanked God for the work we were doing, the relationships we were making, and the delicious food for nourishing our bodies. At lunch Caroline asked the group what celebrity we would choose to play us in a story about our lives. Spencer took the cake with Harrison Ford or Sean Connery. What a perfect choice for an 18-year-old!

Holding hands

After lunch we went back to the school for more work. Simon’s son and daughter came to hold hands with Jennifer and Shayla as they collected and carried water to mix concrete and soak tile. Back and forth they walked together, holding hands. The afternoon passed by quickly because the heat was less intense than the day before. Mode was back to take us home, and we loaded back into the truck glad to have done the day’s work.