Haiti May 2016 Team, Day 7

IMG_0258 IMG_0264Today was our cultural experience day, and this we surely did! At breakfast, Johnny let us know that the road back to Petionville had flooded from last night’s rainfall, so we quickly loaded up and left Petit-Goave after some pictures with the group. We traveled for a while until stopping with a group of cars, busses and trucks to wait for the floodwaters to go down. We played clickety-click and 20 questions for about an hour and then started moving. At the edge of the waters, some men pushed us across safely to the other side. It was a very interesting experience and we were able to view the community in action. We later realized that it was lucky Johnny accidentally came early or else we would have arrived to Port au Prince much later than expected.

Once we reached Port au Prince, we went to the museum. We learned about the history of Haiti and even saw the anchor of the Santa Maria. Afterwards we ate lunch at a cafeteria and took pictures with Mel and his wife Katia, who we had picked up on the way to the museum. We traveled through Petionville and said goodbye to Leo and Katia before going to a small shop of beautiful Haitian artwork and sculpture. The store owner gave each of us a little stone heart after purchasing our goods, and we then headed back to the Methodist guest house for dinner and a good night’s rest.

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