As per usual, the church service in Malawi did not disappoint, but instead it continues to bring true joy to all those in attendance.

The music which was extremely uplifting brought us all to a deeper spiritual experience, along with the dancing and laughter that came with it.  Somehow deep in our hearts we know that this is exactly where GOD needed us to be where we are all worshiping in community, with joy and an overwhelming sense of awareness and connection.

After worship we were greeted by Pastor Francis and the congregation all equally welcoming with huge smiles, hugs and a community meal.  The afternoon consisted of the medical team seeing 60 patients, all of which had much gratitude for this opportunity of being seen by a medical professional.  Internet connection continues to be a struggle, however, please know we are in good hands, health and spirit.

Mulungu akudalitseni (GOD bless you)