We are joined this week by a physician from Lilongwe, 4 nurses, 4 clinicians and 2 surveillance people (they are considered crowd control!)  Consider what it means to individuals who have had little to no health care in their lives and now imagine a village having an opportunity to be seen by several medical professionals that can help alleviate minor health issues or at the very least help answer questions.

It’s hard for us in the U.S. to relate to this as we do have medical facilities near our homes and most have multiple options to choose from.  But for those individuals that do not have this option, they simply rely on GOD to help them through each and every day however many there may be.  What a true testimony to their FAITH as they lean on GOD for everything.IMG_4290

The team has already seen over 500 patients, WOW, to say the least!  The Malawi physician is very interested in learning from our doctors and he is a very compassionate man who has a huge heart for serving others, it is apparent in his interactions with the patients.  He hopes to share some ideas with the team tomorrow on how they might all work together to improve the lives of the Malawians.  Looking forward to hearing all about it, stay tuned.