IMG_2377This morning some of us woke up to a rooster crowing in the background of our beautiful hotel in Copan. We met for a delicious breakfast at 7:00 am to get on the road by 8:00. We faced a seven-hour drive which ended up being a very fun eleven hour drive to Comayagua. Along the way we decided to break up the trip by seeing some of the beautiful Honduran countryside and some super fun places!

On our drive we stumbled across picturesque scenery and various flora and fauna such as shade covered coffee plants, pineapple trees, bananas, Lake Yojoa, and went through many green covered mountain passes.

Our first stop was lunch with a side of waterfall. We stopped at a place called the Cascada Lodge. It is a small resort with their own pool, cabana, pet macaws, and a beautiful waterfall on the Chotepe River. We only got to eat lunch at this beautiful setting.

As we climbed back into the car we went further on down the road to our second stop. This was well worth the break. We spent a short hike down to a cascading waterfall called the Pulhalpanzak waterfall. This waterfall is a 140 feet tall waterfall. The name Pulhalpanzak originated from the Mayans and means “white river overflow.” IMG_2364

We continued to pile into our truck and van and headed back onto a pretty drive through more of the Honduran highway and countryside. One nice restoration project in Honduras is the brand new highway from San Pedro Sula to Comayagua. It was a MAJOR project from the looks of the big machines, big cutouts in the mountainsides, and the nice paved four lane highways.

Siguatepeque was our third stop for today’s detours. We stopped to pick up coffee to bring back to Church of the Resurrection. The roaster and coffee was located at the beautiful house of Omar and his wife, who graciously accepted all 14 of us. They explained to us the process of how the beans look when they are first picked (blueish in color), and then how they are roasted into the dark brown coffee bean that we are all familiar with. The smell was heavenly! After our seven boxes of coffee, we continued on down the road.

Our final and last stop is in Comayagua for the night. It is unfortunately dark so we have not been able to see much of this city yet, but we know it used to be the capital of Honduras until the capital city was moved to Tegucigalpa. We have had a long day of driving and we finally got to stretch our legs and rest by ordering some comfort food called pizza, and devotional. We are looking forward to starting our first day of missionary work tomorrow!