IMG_2390Starting our day, bright and early, in the beautiful city of Comayagua; we made the short trek to Ciudad Espana. We arrived at the school and were presented with beautifully choreographed dances performed by all ages. One of the dances was called, “The Sleeping Dance” – the kids did a great job!  Afterwards we began the adventure of teaching the younger grades. The students caught on to the English quickly and were overjoyed to learn.FullSizeRender-4

Then came lunch filled with connections, stories, and lots of laughter. We were surprised with the challenge of teaching high schoolers that afternoon, but overcame that hurdle with ease. The kids’ passion for learning was more than we could have ever hoped for. This week was their spring break but they moved it back a week so that the students could learn English and share their cultural presentations with our team – dedicated!

After teaching, we were hard at work in our assembly line to take cement blocks up a large hill. Even though it was hard work we still managed to talk and laugh through the ache in our backs and wrists. One of the children from the school, jumped in alongside the team to help, smiling the entire time.

IMG_2393Then we had dinner with a fun group from Georgia at the Mission Headquarters. Dinner was filled with
soul satisfying music and fellowship. To end the day, we connected over a beautiful devotion led by Jill, in where we got to point out the talents in one another. Buenas noches.