Today we began by training a new group of Ditshego staff members on the computers.  It’s so heartwarming to see their excitement and dedication to learning. Many of them won’t even stop for a break and want to continue practicing through tea (which is a main social time not often missed). We have also loved reading their ideas.  They have been practicing how to write paragraphs and the stories they have typed about themselves, their families or their country have been beautiful and often poetic.  For many, they have never used computers before and they are very proud of what they have learned.

close up for web.smaller sizeAs we can’t print yet, many have taken pictures of what they’ve written on their phones to show others.  After lunch, Marian and Sharilyn stayed to work with the children at The Place of Safety. This small group of children don’t get as many visitors as the preschool so they loved being read to and having help on their homework.


Brian and Morgan spent all afternoon playing with the children on the soccer field.  They were all laughing and smiling as they played games and sang songs. Judy, Devon and Darian were able to help the teachers organize and visit the school garden. Our team is excited to host a pastor from Westview Methodist Church at dinner this evening as well. It’s been a very full but rewarding day.