Monday began with a morning necessity for (most of) us: coffee. A block from the Danli hotel is a coffee shop that reminds us of a Seattle-based chain that starts with the letter “S”. This place is not as expensive but just as good. And, the best part is the coffee beans are local.

Following coffee and breakfast, we traveled the roughly 30 minutes to El Obraje. We were met by some of the church workers, includinimg_0491g Jorge. Jorge and his son led the brick laying portion of the construction project.

Patrick, Bob, Luis, Shawn, and Darin started their morning by helping move a pile of rocks to line a ditch (see photo).

Amber, besides being the team leader, constantly encourages both the missions team and the local workers. Her positive, upbeat spirit is an inspiration to all of us.

We were able to accomplish a good chunk of work before heading off for lunch. After lunch, we went back to find another, new pile of rocks to move and a greater sense of levity in the air. Who said we cannot be joyful when we are working?

About 2:30p, the first match of the Kings Cup soccer tournament began. By the time we all made it back to the hotel, we were two matches in, 1.5 rock piles transported, 3/4ths of a ditch dug, and nearly two rows of a cinder block wall built. We made it back just in time too, as we missed the start of some rain.

We cannot wait for tomorrow!