It has been another day of life-giving yet hard work in El Obraje. We were met, as short term missionaries often are, with many highs and a few lows…the finer details of which you can get from a team member when you get a chance. A simple summary of the day could sound like–Moving a pile of sand and rocks multiple times and once it is finally used, returning to find a new pile where the old once lay. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself mixing concrete on a mission trip? Maybe this sounds like daily life for you? Such a  Sisyphus task could lead a person to frustration and to give up, but not this team who is driven by more than the task at hand. With the growing companionship between team members and the Hondurans with whom we are working, two families no longer have dirt floors in their homes. Even more importantly, no one doubts that they are loved by their church family.

Our devotion led us to consider our spiritual endurance. As long and hard as these days are, we recognize we are in a full on sprint of work, growing in companionship, and devotion to God while serving in Honduras.  Pray with us in the days to come and join us if you are able in deciphering the endurance work that will be before us when we return home. Perhaps we will look differently at those who our U.S. culture sees as economically poor? Perhaps we will find new ways to work alongside people who are different than us, to grow in companionship together to see “them” as “us” and to find new ways to fall in love with God.