Today the team worshiped at the United Methodist Church in Madisi along with many of the young adults from the training.  There were also other church members from the Madisi circuit who attended worship and most of the groups brought a special song to sing for the congregation.  Worship in Malawi is something everyone must experience!  It is not just about signing and praising God, it is about bringing your best gifts to God and blessing God and the church with those gifts.

Following worship we continued the Youth Leadership Training with Rick sharing what an entrepreneur is and what it looks like to dream, to envision a business venture and then what you need to do to make that dream a reality.  Everyone was given time in  groups to brainstorm business and ministry ideas.  Each group then shared their best ideas, it was great to hear what their business ideas and dreams were.  There were several great ideas about farming businesses, tailoring, clothing rental business etc.  They were very creative and worked diligently on coming up with ideas. Brooke also shared how to go about creating a project proposal and the steps that need to be followed to plan a project.  Reverend Micki wrapped up the evening discussing what discipleship is and how it differs from evangelism.  She challenged each individual to look beyond just having friends and strangers accept Christ, but to teach them and train them on what it means to be a Christian.

It has been a great couple of days!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!