The men arrived from Danli and San Pedro Sula this morning (it’s a 2-5 hour drive).   There are 31 men volunteering at the worksite this morning, 9 from Resurrection, some from Tegucigalpa, and the rest from up North.  More pictures later, but here are a few to hold you over!

Joel, the Team Leader, sent me a quick e-mail Sunday morning saying, “God has worked WONDERS on this trip.  The Honduran teams have become close Hermanos (brothers) with our team.  Soccer was excellent, aside from Bill pulling a muscle in his leg (hamstring).”

Hopefully that hamstring will heal quickly, or Bill will be sitting in his lounge chair directing construction and if that happens, the building may look more Picasso-esque….

menstripday2 menstripday2-2 menstripday2-1