Honduras January 2017, Day 5

It’s Thursday in Honduras and the team is up and going at an early hour. We are blessed with another terrific day of weather with sunshine and very pleasant temperatures. Speaking of the team, it occurs to me that there have been no introductions of our team as of yet. This might be a good time to let you know something about who we are.

Here are the ladies of our team. From left to right they are:

Anne – team leader making her fourth mission trip to Honduras. 

Phyllis – she is on her second trip to this country.

Anita – she is making her fourth mission trip to Honduras including one three-week trip plus three trips to other countries.

Susan – this is her first trip to Honduras but she is a veteran of several mission trips to other parts of the world.

Carrie – here’s another veteran with four trips to Honduras plus several other countries.

Pat – she is on her second trip to Honduras but has done several other mission trips within the States.

Pictured below is the entire team. I’ll introduce you to the men on our team pictured left to right.

Dennis – this is his second mission trip to Honduras.

Dan – he, along with Anne, is our team leader. He is on his third trip to Honduras.

Gary – that’s me! I’m on my second trip to Honduras.

Bruce – this is his first mission trip ever!

This is a fabulous group of people. We are bonding together so well and sharing the work load of the mission. Our devotional times are open and honest with Christian care and compassion being displayed by all. Getting acquainted with the team is one of the special benefits of being on a mission trip. New friendships are formed, prayer partners gained, and Christian fellowship enjoyed.  Now that the introductions have been cared for, let’s talk about today. In a few words, it was another meaningful day.

Our sports camps continued into day two with soccer in the morning and basketball in the afternoon. More than 70 boys and girls participated in the camps today. The skills presented expanded on what was given yesterday. Full game tactics were introduced with both offense and defensive skills being enhanced. The children enthusiastically participated in what we believe to be the first sports camp of any kind in which they have had a part. It is so gratifying to see their faces light up with joy as they learn a new skill and do something they might have thought impossible.

ESL classes attracted 30-some participants today. A variety of activities including songs, flash cards, conversational English, conversational Spanish, and more were a part of the training. One of the highlights was helping our Honduran friends to identify in English common objects that they use each day. All of these made for great fun resulting in successful learning.

As we gather for dinner and times of sharing both personally and through our devotions, one story stands out more than others on this day.

One of our team members, Susan, noticed a little boy during the morning that smiled at her and she was attracted to him. Their eyes met several times during the day and she paid special attention to him each time.

Later in the day, Susan was in the office of the lady who coordinates the student sponsorship program. Her name is Amanda. On the office wall were scores of pictures of sponsored students. At the bottom of that wall were the names and faces of several students unsponsored. Susan was surprised to notice that this was the same boy she had seen several times earlier in the day. Her heart was moved to ask Amanda, “Is this boy still in need of a sponsor so he can attend Juan Wesley School?” Amanda answered in the affirmative. Susan quickly responded, “I think I would like to be his sponsor.”

Susan left Amanda’s office and soon came face to face with the little boy once again. She confirmed his name and then informed him that she was soon to be his sponsor. Spontaneous joy immediately came from his smiling face and he wrapped his arms around Susan. He quickly brought his mother so she too could express her thanks. Her son was now able to attend the school where he would be trained academically but spiritually as well. Above is a photograph of Susan with the boy and his mother. This was a joyous moment brought about by a gracious and willing heart.

Pictured to the left are our team leaders, Dan & Anne, along with two students they sponsor, Fanny (on the left), and Otto, along with his mother. Fanny is a University student and Otto is entering his senior year in high school.

This story leads into an advertisement for the Student Sponsorship program between Resurrection and Juan Wesley School. For a very small amount of money, anyone can sponsor a student at the school. The investment is sufficient to cover tuition, books and uniforms for a student. Over 60 students are currently sponsored by members and friends of Resurrection. Most of our team is already sponsoring one or more students each year. This program is a wonderful way to partner with the people of Ciudad Espana. Contact Cheryl McMorris at cheryl.mcmorris@hotmail.com for more information.

Today has been another day of transformation. Each team member is being transformed as they engage in ministry. We also believe the people here are being transformed as they learn new things and engage in fellowship with us. All are transformed for the better.

One team member summed up our experience thus far this week by saying, “Our trip has changed from being a mission trip to being a partnership trip.” We are partnering with our Honduran friends as we all walk this path of life for Christ.







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