Haiti February 2017 Team, Day 3

Bonswa!  We had a great day in Tapion –  there were 24 participants at the training.  Bob,  Carole,  and Bryan did lessons on micro-enterprise including knowing your customers and competition as well as marketing. Dr. Julie did lessons on first aid and hookworms,  and Solencia –  master trainer from Cap Haitien –  led the SODIS training. (SODIS is a method of making water drinkable using the sun’s rays.)

It was a day of learning for all of us.  The participants were so appreciative of the training,  we could see it was very important to them.  The day was a great success. They made us feel so welcome and we were honored to be there.

We came away feeling as blessed by them as hopefully they were by us.  We came back to the guesthouse to a wonderful  meal with lots of excitement about our day.

We are looking forward to the rest of the week and hope to be able post more pictures soon. Blessings from Team Haiti!



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