Haiti February 2017 Team, Day 4

Good evening from Haiti!!

We had an amazing day today.   We drove approximately 1 1/2 hrs to a remote village in the mountains.  It was so beautiful  with much cooler temps in the morning.  The name of the village was Nabosse.  There were around 40 adult participants in the CHE training and we had approximately 30 children with us.

CHE lessons were done on the following subjects :  hookworm,  diarrhea,  dehydration,  and first aid.  We taught on tooth brushing for both the kids and adults and also showed them how to make toothpaste. The kids had music and singing, soccer, painting, jump rope….so much fun and the kids loved it.

It was a very productive day and we enjoyed every moment!! I think  we get more than they do out of our time with them. We also got to see the CHE leaders receive the seeds that were purchased by Resurrection to help them replace the crops destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

As always we were moved and absolutely amazed at the strength of the people we met. We are so blessed to be able to help in any way we can.  Tomorrow brings another day of learning and seeing how faith in God brings the strength we all need.


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