Haiti February 2017 Team, Day 6

We spent the day in Sourse Pineau which is another  small village about an hour away.   It  was another gorgeous day and the people welcomed us with open arms.  The school at the village was hit by the hurricane so the kids were having school in the church which is used for various activities during the week in all the villages.

We spent time doing music, singing and painting with the kids. The adults had SODIS (clean water) training along with health training.  The pastor played the accordion which was a big treat.  Everyone loved the music!

We were a little  sad when the day came to an end as we knew our time in Haiti would soon be over. I think we all got more out of the trip than we thought. We had singing and prayer time with all t he Che participants and they thanked us for all the work and time we spent with them. They had such profound  faith and are the most gracious people. You would be so blessed on a mission trip here.



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