2017 Haiti May Team, Day 5

As we traveled to the job site today, we passed through the rural market that was bustling with activity. Locals travel to market on Wednesdays, and the area was filled with produce, livestock, clothing and many other necessities. We had passed the empty market on our way to and from the job site on previous days, so seeing the market in action brought it to life.

Our work continues to progress, and today we transitioned to mixing and pouring cement. The concoction of rocks, dirt and cement are combined directly on the ground and then moved by bucket line to the designated location.  We spent several hours on cement patrol except for a brief break due to a downpour. The rain cooled things down, and we took a walk across the road to look down at the rising river. Things got a little muddy at this point, but Kendall took the opportunity to make several over-sized mud balls and juggle them for the kids who couldn’t stop laughing at his antics.

Cam has earned the title of rebar expert, and the crew even calls him over to consult on certain areas. In addition to his hard work, he also broke out the soccer ball and gathered the kids to kick around for awhile. Ryan, Lorrie and several other team members jumped in to enjoy the fun.

On the way home from the job site, we stopped by the Methodist Health Clinic for a visit. We all enjoyed the opportunity to see this important service in the local community.

The evening wound down quietly as we didn’t have an evening obligation. Many of us visited some local vendors who sells their wares in front of the guest house and purchased gifts to bring back home.

We look forward to our final day on the job site.

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