2017 Honduras June Obraje Team, Day 3

With Monday begins the workweek, and man, oh, man, did our team get down to business today! Waking bright and early, we left our hotel in Danli promptly at 6:35 am. (Everybody was in the lobby on time and ready to go, which says a lot about this group’s high level of enthusiasm!) After a quick breakfast, we drove to El Obraje, arriving there just after 8.

 Then it was work time. The team split into two groups. One group of four began laying a concrete floor in a family home. Mixing and spreading the concrete was backbreaking (how much so remains to been seen in the morning:). But with Moika’s good cheer and able guidance from Augustine and Orlando, two local artisans who patiently shared some tricks of the trade, we managed to install the flooring by midday. The floor looked great, and the man of the house – not to mention his young son – seemed pleased with the results.

 Meanwhile, another group worked at the church, preparing for two big afternoon events. Outside, children received volleyball coaching and equipment. They had an opportunity to goof around, too, and everyone enjoyed watching them gather around “Jefe Bob” for a big group hug. Inside, Pastor Patrick facilitated a Women’s Workshop on Spiritual Gifts. Dozens of local women attended, and many approached him afterward.

 All in all, an amazing day! We’ll sleep well tonight for sure.

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